Build it Back (BiB) Resiliency Upgrades

Dayton Towers Resiliency Upgrades

Insight Civil is the Lead Design Engineer selected to design a Steam Line Replacement and Resiliency Upgrade project for the Dayton Towers Cooperative complex in Rockaway Beach, NY. Dayton Towers Cooperative is a Mitchell-Lama multi-family residential apartment complex consisting of seven thirteen-story buildings, situated along Shore Front Parkway in Rockaway Beach, NY. Buildings and critical infrastructure, including subsurface steam lines and electrical equipment, experienced extensive flood damage due to 5 feet of storm surge which inundated the property during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Residents at Dayton Towers were without essential (power, hot water, heat, etc.) building services for over 48 hours.

Through the Build it Back (BiB) program, Dayton Towers Cooperative was awarded CDBG-DR funds to implement repair and resiliency upgrade projects to improve flood risk mitigation and reduce vulnerability to future severe weather events. Dayton Towers Cooperative, in collaboration with the NYC Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), selected Howard Zimmerman Architects for implementation of electrical engineering design, and Insight Civil Engineering as the Resiliency Consultant to provide all civil engineering and MEP design services for full replacement of the underground steam lines with a specialized, double-reinforced piping system. The enhanced steam piping systems require less maintenance, and have increased resistance to corrosive soils, hydrophilic soils and tidal inundation. Insight Civil Design Engineers provided all plans, sections, details and Contract drawings for Bid to a General Contractor. Insight Civil project managers will provide construction monitoring services once contractors break ground in early 2017.

Additionally, Insight Civil provided full construction drawing sets for repair, replacement and resurfacing of over 500,000 square feet of parking lots at Dayton Towers. Due to subsidence following Hurricane Sandy and a shifting geomorphic profile, sink holes and cracks formed in portions of the parking lots resulting in safety concerns and drainage issues. Parking lots at Dayton Towers will be fully repaired, resurfaced and restriped based on Insight Civil’s design recommendations. This project builds upon Insight Civil’s previous experience in the areas of resilient design, site development, coastal flood risk mitigation strategies and sustainable infrastructure design.