Haley Cox, Urban Planner and GIS Analyst

Urban Planner and GIS Analyst

Haley Cox is an Urban Planner and GIS Analyst at Insight Civil Engineering. Haley is passionate about exploring the relationships between people and place, and explores this through her skills in GIS analyses and urban design.

Haley began her career in Oregon, as a GIS Technician at Quantum Spatial. There she worked on vegetation management for utility right-of-ways, modeling powerlines and classifying LiDAR data in broad-area ground models. She then moved to New York City to complete a Master’s degree in Urban Environmental Systems Management. While attending the Pratt Institute, she worked for several non-profit organizations including the Pratt Center for Community Development, the Center for Active Design, and New Yorkers for Parks.

Haley is dedicated to the development of livable, sustainable communities, and she has focused on data visualization, green infrastructure design, and urban placemaking. In her free time she likes to walk and bike around the city, exploring its limitless diversity of food and music.