Krista Eichenbaum

Krista Eichenbaum Project Analyst

Project Analyst

Krista Eichenbaum is a Project Analyst with the Sustainability Consulting and Facilities Regulatory Compliance divisions at Insight Civil Engineering. Krista’s interests are related to sustainable community development and increasing urban resilience.

Prior to joining Insight Civil, Krista worked in Transportation Demand Management serving as a Program Manager at Metrolinx, a regional transportation planning agency in Toronto, and as an Urban Planner and at UrbanTrans North America, where she served various clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Krista holds a Bachelor’s of Urban and Regional Planning from Ryerson University, and a Master’s of Sustainability Management from Columbia University. During her graduate studies in sustainability, Krista especially enjoyed working on a project for Hunts Point Produce Market. Krista evaluated the resilience risks and vulnerabilities facing the world’s largest wholesale produce market, and strategically designed solutions to help address the environmental and operational risks.

In her spare time, Krista enjoys spending time walking through New York City parks and exploring neighborhoods – all while listening to new and favorite music artists.