Newtown Creek BOA Nomination Study

Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Analysis - Step 2 Nomination Study

Newtown Creek is a tributary of the east river locatated on the border of Brooklyn and Queens. It is one of the most polluted waterways in North America. The Newtown Creek Brownfield Opportunity Area Step 2 nomination report is a stage in the process of designating the site a Brownfield Opportunity area under an NYSDOS program, which makes the site eligible for state funding for a comprehensive community planning process and proposed projects.

A key principal at Insight Civil Engineering, PLLC was the acting project manager for the New York team responsible for the development of the report. The team performed a comprehensive community planning analysis of Newtown Creek and adjacent neighborhoods. Components of this analysis included but were not limited to:

  • Community vision;
  • Community engagement plan;
  • Existing conditions analysis;
  • Economic and market growth potential analysis (included permanent job creation values, number of FTEs);
  • Land use and zoning analyses;
  • Transportation (including analysis of total existing VMTs for the area, with recommendations quantifying reduced VMT/yr, as well as modal breakdowns by % share);
  • Environmental risk;
  • Building inventory;
  • Strategic site/real estate analysis;
  • Recommendations, graphics, maps and renderings.

Based on the Step 2 nomination report, the team was granted the opportunity to submit a Step 3 application, the next stage in the process of designating the site as a New York State Brownfield Opportunity Area.

This project represents personal experience of a key principal of Insight Civil Engineering, PLLC, performed under the employment of Gannett Fleming Engineers & Architects, P.C.