Urban Planning & Design

At Insight Civil, we believe in a comprehensive approach to design and planning in the built environment. Our planners have extensive experience working with clients in both the public and private sector. We employ a participatory and community-based approach to the planning and urban design process that begins and ends with the needs of stakeholders and clients. Our planners have experience conducting design charrettes, developing stakeholder and community outreach programs, master plans and planning documents, urban design studies, performing geo-spatial and demographic analyses, environmental planning, public-speaking, and project management. We strongly believe that the best planning is achieved through successful collaboration between all members of the project team and across disciplines, and with full participation and input from the Client and stakeholder groups.

Our Planning team works closely with our Sustainability & Resiliency consulting group to deliver best practices in sustainable urban development and adaptive design. The principles of sustainability, resiliency and “the 3 E’s” or “triple bottom line” (equity, environment and economy), are the core themes of our planning and design ethos at Insight Civil.

Additionally, Planners and GIS analysts in our Planning Division specialize in cartographic and geospatial data analysis using the latest versions of GIS software. Our analysts utilize ArcMap/ArcGIS software as a mapping tool to visualize information about community assets, patterns in the urban realm, event/scenario modeling to design for a changing climate and environment, and process large quantities of data, shapefiles and layers. We also have experience with ArcServer, Google Earth, and a variety of ESRI add-on modules that allow us to generate more sophisticated geo-spatial mapping products.