Shore View Condominiums Flood Protection Barrier

Tilted dune garden designed to prevent flooding

Insight has performed review and approval of designs for a vegetated flood barrier which will defend a 20-unit residential condominium development in Rockaway Beach, NY. Insight is the Principal Engineer on a project design team including the Client, Local Office Landscape Architecture & Urban Design and the Contractor. This development is a shorefront property located in New York City’s Hurricane Evacuation Zone 1 (the zone most likely to flood), which experienced extensive flood damage during Hurricane Sandy. The Client retained Local Office to produce schematic design drawings for a vegetated garden wall with natural plantings. This structure would serve the dual purpose of acting as a barrier to protect the building envelope from up to 4′ of standing flood water and providing aesthetically pleasing planted features in front of the façade of the building in accordance with guidelines of the Homeowners Association.

Insight performed structural calculations to design footings and material sizing for the vegetated flood barrier and designed drainage elements of the barrier to protect the adjacent building envelope. Additional services included engineering review, markups, and a Professional Engineer stamp for the finalized drawing set. Completed application filing with the NYCDOB for approval. Insight will continue to provide final inspection signoff and will provide feedback and guidance through the completion of construction phase. Additionally, this project will be assessed using the Envision™ Sustainable Infrastructure Rating system by Insight Civil staff holding the ENV SP certification.