Sustainability and Resiliency Consulting

At Insight Civil, we believe in a holistic project approach guided by best practices in sustainability and adaptive design. Major impacts of climate change are forecasted to include increased ambient temperatures, sea level rise as well as more frequent severe weather events including hurricanes, heavy downpours, heat waves, and droughts. Our resiliency planning and design experts provide cost effective and innovative solutions to protect communities, infrastructure, facilities and critical services. Our objective is to cultivate disruptive and incremental innovation that shifts design paradigms in the realms of engineering, planning and the built environment. We envision a more efficient and resilient future for urban communities through integrated design, which simultaneously strengthens and builds capacity of residents and stakeholders.

Our team of consultants has extensive professional experience with sustainable site and infrastructure design, building energy analysis and project management, and environmental planning projects. Our team of LEED Accredited Professionals, Envision™ Sustainability Professionals, and EcoDistrict Accredited Professionals (EcoDistricts AP) are qualified to guide projects from pre-planning phases to construction and project closeout according to sustainable site, building and infrastructure principles. EcoDistrict Certification is the most comprehensive sustainability management framework available – focusing on sustainable, climate-adaptive development at a district scale. Our team will manage and submit all documentation required under each respective rating system in order to apply for certification and project awards and recognition for our Clients.

Additionally, our Energy Analysts bring expert knowledge from the Building Performance sector and are experienced with tracking and analyzing energy consumption data, performing cost-benefit and demand management analyses, and are familiar with available incentives for energy retrofits at the local, State and Federal level.