Tennessee Avenue Lofts

Mixed-use Urban Infill and Rainwater Harvesting System

Tennessee Avenue Lofts is live/work sustainable development that was innovatively designed to be environmentally friendly. This urban infill project includes eco-smart interiors, water and energy efficient distribution systems, sustainable landscaping, and rainwater harvesting irrigation systems for water conservation. The facade of the previous structure was preserved in place and reused in order to minimize waste and the need for new material. This site was specifically selected because of its close proximity to banks, restaurants, markets, the post office, houses of worship, retail and office space. 

The design scope included preliminary and final civil site work design. This included the layout, sizing, and calculations for the rainwater harvesting irrigation system. The treatment of the stormwater was accomplished by utilizing a combination of filtration and infiltration. All on-site storm water runoff was directed through a catch basin filter and pumped into detention chambers. The detention system was designed to temporarily hold the stormwater until it was released at a defined rate through an irrigation pump. The pump was automated with a sensor to detect runoff in the chambers and distribute the treated stormwater to on-site planters for irrigation. Nearly all of the stormwater runoff was maintained on-site for infiltration.

This project earned the California Green Builder certification for its final design having met or exceeded required benchmark levels of sustainability.

This project represents personal experience of a key principal of Insight Civil Engineering, PLLC, performed under the employment of Hall & Foreman, Inc.