On-Call Marine Engineering Services

The Engineering Group at Insight Civil is responsible for supporting the prime, CH2M, on four Task Orders issued under the EDC On-Call Marine Engineering Services Contract. The Engineering Group provided upland site/civil support to CH2M Engineer Divers on Task Order 1 Hunts Point Shoreline Inspections, Task Order 2 Shore Parkway Esplanade Inspection, Task Order 3 Harlem River Waterfront Inspections, and Task Order 4 Harlem River Waterfront Inspections – Phase 2.

The Insight Civil Team provided staff to collect and compile data required for a Rapid Assessment Inspection of the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center shoreline and a Routine Inspection of the 600 Food Center Drive relieving platform. The project team surveyed approximately 9,000 linear feet of shoreline to perform condition assessments and obtain elevations of the existing shoreline protection structures. Infrastructure typologies evaluated by the assessment teams included sheet piles, riprap, gabion bags, embankments, seawalls, platforms and outfalls. Insight Civil engineers analyzed field data and tied measurements to the Mean Low-Level Water elevation (MLLW) datum. Insight Civil CAD drafters then prepared location plans, vicinity maps, facility and deficiency plans and associated cross-sections. This project provided an opportunity for the Insight Civil team to develop an in depth understanding of Hunts Point peninsula properties and existing shoreline protection topographies. The condition assessment reports will form a base for the future resiliency design with respect to the shoreline hardening and maintenance of shoreline protection features by the NYCEDC. Insight Civil Engineers are currently providing CAD drafting and engineering support for the Shore Parkway field inspection data, as well as for the Harlem River Waterfront Inspection work.